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ヨコモ「BD8 2018」各部の詳細写真


ヨコモ「BD8 2018」の各部の詳細写真が公開されています。

■New Centre Aligned Front Belt System, the front belt now runs up the middle of the car which improves the car’s balance as well as smoothness during on-power acceleration.
■40T Pulley, increase more drive efficiency and optimize the chassis role balance.
■The newly designed plastic pulley integrated front spool
■The newly designed large sized rod end ball & open type rod end
■Capable for installing PCS Rod for more grip and acceleration.
■The newly designed carbon graphite chassis and upper deck
■Bush insert aluminum suspension mount has optimized for ultra LCG architecture
■Active road surface tracing designed motor mount 
■Center mounting of heavier weight parts for higher driving performance.
■Aluminum Servo mount is standard bundled  
■Front double joint universal is standard bundled
■Composite belt tensioner is standard bundled
■ Low center gravity as well as high capacity at SLF short shock II



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